OSBORN - A Unit of Jason Incorporated - is the only truly global brush manufacturer: manufacturing in 13 countries and servicing more than 100.Wire Brushes, Abrasive Brushes and Maintenance Brushes - Our power brushes are used for hundreds of applications such as deburring, metal finishing, weld cleaning, honing, and polishing. Using OSBORN brushes in your finishing process improves repeatability and cycle times.

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TufBrush™ The BEST just got better!

TufBrush™ The BEST just got better!

Designed, Engineered and Tested in the U.S., the new TufBrush™ stringer bead brushes top all the tests we put them through, with up to twice the life and 60% MORE material removal than the closest tested competitor. The combination of user feedback, experienced engineering and innovative design advances has made the TufBrush™ a cut above.

Made in Richmond, Indiana, by a company that’s been around for over 130 years, TufBrush™ gets the job done. In real-life testing in the field, TufBrush™ lasted longer, and did more, meaning the job got done quicker.

End of story.

TufBrush Life and Removal

There is NO reason to choose another

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